Still here!


Hello! I know there are still some people checking on this little blog, so I thought I’d say hello today. We’re still here! Just busy with life. My focus has clearly been elsewhere and it’s been nice. I do plan on returning to a more regular posting schedule eventually. Until then, I hope you’re all well and will check back from time to time. Thanks!



Hello blog friends! Have you been enjoying Fall where you are? We’ve been filling our days with school and play, dance class, piano lessons—and now, snow! Gabe (hubs), on top of working full time, is teaching two classes as an adjunct professor. I’m life coaching a couple of evenings a week, homeschooling and blogging (some). We aren’t overly busy, but we do have to be deliberate about our time together as a family.

My busy-enough schedule has made this post a long time coming, but here it is (finally!). I have the privilege to share a great movement with you called Billion Family Dinners that challenges us all to eat dinner with our families more. (Check this out!) A few years ago Gabe and I read about the significant link between kids eating dinner with their families and academic success, avoidance of drugs and alcohol, healthier peer relationships, and emotional health. We (had already) decided eating dinner together would be a top priority for our family. Our kids are 3 and 6, so we’re in charge of their schedules for now, but I hope that as they get older and more independent they will continue to value our family dinner times. Because they’re happening either way. 🙂

Here are some of our favorite, tried and true dinners to make:

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Homemade Halloween: DIY Pirate

Two years ago Ellis was a pirate and I spent zero dollars on her costume, at which point I awarded myself first prize. The above photo was taken before Halloween at Denver’s ‘Boo at the Zoo’ event, so there was daylight. Otherwise, I always end up with dimly lit okay photos taken right before we head out the door for trick-or-treating. Like the photo below.

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Homemade Halloween: DIY WIGS

DIY Paper Wig, Halloween Costumes

I love homemade costumes. I think they’re the best, hands down. It would pain me to pay good money for a store-bought costume that will potentially be worn only a couple of times. Plus, I enjoy making things, so the more creative my kids let me be with their costumes, the better.

We were late to Disney’s Brave so it was last year that we first saw it. Ellis loved Merida for months, and we had been given a really cool dress that reminded us of Merida’s dress, so Merida it was. The hair was critical and it plagued me for days. I was NOT paying for a wig and a used wig sounded…itchy, plus, where would I find one in time (I tend to leave Halloween costumes to the last few days before trick-or-treating)?

After brainstorming, it dawned on me that paper could probably do what I needed it to, so we set off building an armature for our paper wig with cardboard.

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